What most people honestly don't know is that the exterior of a home can easily be painted and, thus, brought back to life. Glass stucco is something the can be painted. The look is fabulous and considerably inexpensive compared to the drastic change that occurs as a result. The benefits of this are many. Painting exterior stucco increases the
R value for insulation of exterior walls and makes your home more energy efficient.


Properly painted window and door trim is caulked before hand and closes up gaps that you may not have known existed. This also adds
to the energy efficiency of your home.


J C Paintworks provides various solutions to refinishing home exteriors. Of particular mention is our lifetime coaitng system which provides 25+ years of beautiful substrate protection. We apply it to most surfaces and offer the best warranty in the business. The resulting wood, masonry, composite, vinyl, stucco etc... is transformed into a vibrant washable surface. Call our sales department for a free detailed quote for your home.



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